There are many ways for you to submit business with us.

Obtain an European Standardised Information Sheet (ESIS)

If you need an ESIS please click here.

Decision in principle

We always recommend that you initially complete a decision in principle which will allow us to have a look over your case to see if your clients meet our lending criteria, and there's no need to register with us before submitting a decision in principle.

You can access our online form from our decision in principle page. Alternatively you can download a pdf form to complete, we will then require a scanned copy to be emailed to us at You are able to sign on behalf of your client at this stage.

Once we receive your completed decision in principle form, we aim to get back to you within 24 hours with an initial lending decision.

When you submit your request you'll need to provide your clients with a copy of our Privacy Notice. You can download a copy from our Privacy Notice page.

Submitting an application

To submit an application using our online submission process you must have previously completed an online decision in principle.

To complete the application process using our online submission, click the relevant button below and enter your clients information. If there are any supporting documents that you need to send through to us these can be attached to the application using the attachment button in the additional information section.

Please be aware that you will not be able to save a part completed form so all information must be entered in a single sitting.

At the end of the form ensure your electronic signature has been entered and click 'Finish' to send the application direct to your client for them to add their own electronic signature. The submission process will not be complete until your clients have signed the form. You will be able to save a copy of the form for your own records.

Electronic signatures will enable us to begin processing your application however we will require a completed Direct Debit form to be sent to us by post at our Tipton head office. We also need you to provide your clients with a copy of our Privacy Notice which can be downloaded from our Privacy Notice page.

Please, see our residential submission guide which details all supporting documents needed to support an application. 

Please note, all nominated solicitors must be registered on our Panel, which is managed by LMS. You can check this on our Current Approved Solicitor Panel page by clicking here


Download our PDF form

If you have previously completed a paper-based decision in principle for your client or if you would prefer to complete our paper-based application, you can download copies of our PDF forms using the buttons below.

When you're ready to submit an application with us, complete the form and scan a copy into us at If you send an electronic copy, we will require the original signed document to be posted to us to confirm your clients signatures on the application form.


Alternatively, you can post it back to us at our Tipton Head Office. When you submit your first application we will need you to send us a completed registration form. We can accept a signed, scanned copy to our inbox.

Family Assist Applications

If your client is opting to use our Family Assist mortgage range, please find below a link to our Family Assist Application form which must be filled in by the family member(s) assisting with the mortgage.

Application submission guidelines

To reduce any delays in processing your application, can you please follow the following guidelines: 

  • Processing of an application and instruction of a valuation will not start until all applicable fees have been received.
  • Payment of the applicable application fees, which may include a non-refundable booking fee, are payable on application.
  • To ensure we can process the application effectively please forward all supporting documentation with your application. Failure to do so may result in delays in processing your application.
  • Please ensure that copies of the original documents listed above are forwarded with your application. Where we request additional documentation to verify identity, each item of documentation must be certified original seen and signed by yourself.

It is your responsibility to check our lending policy before submitting an application, as fees are not refundable. All applications must meet our standard lending criteria and we reserve the right to request additional information in order to finalise our lending decision.

Mandatory Supporting Documents

We will need the following supporting documents when processing your mortgage application:

  • Certified proof of identification for all applicants;
  • Proof of income for all applicants (one months payslips and most recent P60 or latest SA302's, 6 months income fed bank statements and corresponding Tax Year Overview's if your client is self-employed); and
  • Last two months salary-fed bank statements.

Additional documents (where applicable)

Please ensure your clients are made aware of our Mortgage Conditions before submitting your completed application form.