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No credit scoring

First time buyers, Mr D and Miss S needed a 90% mortgage. Sourcing on rate, their mortgage consultant had tried two high street lenders but both had declined the application at decision in principle stage. After obtaining a copy of their credit files, it became apparent that whilst neither client had any adverse history, both clients were suffering due to a low credit score.

Mr D had not registered on the voters roll, and as both he and Miss S lived with their parents, neither had previously arranged any loans or finance agreements. Their credit files detailed their bank account history, and Miss S had one credit card, which was within its limit but on two occasions during the last 24 months she had been late making the monthly payment.

We were able to accept the application as the clients could easily demonstrate affordability and had satisfactory employment history. Mr D provided an explanation for his omission from the electoral roll and alternative proof of address history and Miss S provided a satisfactory explanation for the missed payments.

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Mr F worked as an IT consultant and was looking to borrow £200,000 at 85% loan to value.

His wife, was a freelance journalist, but had been self-employed for less than 12 months, which meant her income had to be excluded from our assessment.

Mr F had been previously employed by an IT company for three years, and on their suggestion he had switched to self-employed status eight months earlier, and was now classified as a sub-contractor rather than an 'employee'.

This change of status within the previous 12 months had prevented his estate agency based mortgage consultant from securing a mortgage from a number of high street lenders.

The case was referred to us and we were happy to assist as the client had three years employment history and his 'employer' was able to supply the required reference confirming his total gross earnings to date and the fact they had no reason to believe the relationship would not continue long term.

Mortgages for professionals

Ms D was a qualified solicitor for eight years.

In the last 12 months Ms D had been promoted to partner of the practice. As a result she changed her employment status from PAYE to self-employed. Her broker contacted us as her employment status change took place in the year leading up to applying for a new mortgage.

A mortgage was agreed for Ms D and underwriting was concluded based on a reference supplied by the senior partner within the practice.

Daily mortgage surgery

Mr S was looking to purchase a new property. He declared he had taken out multiple payday loans over a number of years up until 2018.

Due to Mr S having a recent clear credit history, the case was reviewed during our daily mortgage surgery and was approved on the basis a satisfactory review of recent bank statements was carried out.