Tariff of Charges

Whilst saving with us you may incur some of the following charges:

Standard charges

Cheques returned unpaid: £15

Non-standard charges

Lost passbook administration fee (this applies even if a replacement book is not issued): £5
Losses through reported theft are not charged if you are able to provide a valid Crime Reference Number.

Replacement of a lost Tipton & Coseley cheque drawn from your account: £15

Providing a letter confirming the balance of your account: £15

Providing a letter confirming additional information about your account: £25
In addition to the balance.

Providing a copy of a Tipton & Coseley cheque withdrawn from your account: £15

Providing a duplicate Section 975 tax deduction certificate: £15
An original tax deduction certificate is provided without charge.

We will also charge for other services on savings accounts that are classed as non-standard charges. We will advise you of any such charge when the service is requested.