What are IBAN and SWIFT Codes?

When sending or receiving international payments, you may be asked for an IBAN or SWIFT code. Both are explained in further detail below.

International Bank Account Number (IBAN)

Your IBAN is used when you are making or receiving international payments. It is used in conjunction with your account number and sort code, so doesn’t act as a replacement. This is used to identify a specific account.

We can provide our members with their IBAN upon request. Just call us on 0121 557 2551 for more information.

Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) Code

Also known as BIC (Bank Identifier Code), this is like your IBAN, as it allows overseas banks to identify what bank or building society, they should be sending your money to. Unlike the IBAN code, this is used to identify a specific provider. You can use a SWIFT code for UK payments when you’re abroad, such as secure mortgage payments or pay into a savings account.

The Tipton’s SWIFT code is TCBSBG22.

SWIFT codes are usually made up of the bank code (TCBS), the country code (GB) and a location reference (22).